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Our Services

For Fixing than need just fex hours and need to be don quick and easy

When something is not working and need to be fix or remplace it

A new Item (TV-Washer or etc). You need an expert quick 

That simple, But that Important!, It is not just a door, it is the first protection for your family.

A simple Idea needs an Expert point of View. Fixing and making new improvements at home is very important. so this needs a expert hand.

The Foundation of Succes is Planing. We can show you in several ways your project to be. Sketch, 3D or 3D Visualization. all to me your dream real

Our Team are expert to work in bring solutions. Made by Expert

You can count on our Team, We can permanently checkouts and Fixing program

New Tech and Old fashion Lock, All you need to keep your Store or Workplace safe and sound

Long time Ago in USA and Spain

Why choose us

Fully Licensed, Bonded, And Insured

Certified Handyman

Trained and Certified in the UK

Customer Support

You can Contact by email or Phone, we will help you in all we can

Quickest Response

Email or Phone, Always ready to provide solutions

Extensive Knowledge

We have experience, by many years to fix and build solutions, Also experience obtained in years of working and living in USA

We are very proud to be serving our local area for over 22 years!